Friday, March 25, 2011

Craftsman Wishes and Renovation Dreams

Yesterday, Hubby and I were attending an event in a neighborhood that we would love to move to but that is mostly out of our price range.  We were looking for parking and ended up on a street of beautiful Craftsman-style homes that were positively charming. We were all like: "Look at that one!" and "Ooooo, what about that one!" and then, right in the middle of the street we saw it: the same style of house in the middle of an overgrown yard, with boarded up windows and peeling paint.  It was a beauty.

That could very well be our house.  Its condition would warrant a significantly lower asking price than normal and we could renovate it to look like the other gems on the block.  "We definitely could," Hubby said.  My mind raced.

I'm certain we won't pursue it, but for a moment, the possibilities were endless.